Sunday, September 06, 2009

template tweakage

So I thought I'd freshen things up just a little and tinker with this humble blog's even humbler blog template. You might, or might not, notice a few changes:

  1. The font may or may not have changed. The preferred font used to be ol' standard Trebuchet MS. There's nothing wrong with Trebuchet MS exactly, but I thought it was time for a change. So now if you have Futura present (i.e. if you're on a Mac, or you've bought or downloaded a copy) you'll see that. If not, if you have Century Gothic, that's the second choice (and it's similar to Futura), and you'll have that if you're on Windows and a.) you have MS Office installed, b.) you're still running Windows 98, which bundled it, or c.) you swiped it off your old Win98 or MS Office install media. I don't have anything specific for Linux users yet, but I'll look into it. Liberation Sans sounds promising, but it's not clear what percentage of people actually have it installed.

    This is probably not the last time the font will change. I originally planned to use some shiny new CSS font-face goodness, but the technology is new, so there aren't a lot of usable fonts out there yet, and I didn't see any that I wanted to use. I imagine that will sort itself out eventually.

  2. Switched from my semi-customized Digg & buttons to AddThis, which apparently is the modern Web 2.x way to roll. I do lose the bit that displays how many people have bookmarked a given post, but I've noticed that that number is almost always zero, so hey, whatever. It's there, in the unlikely event someone wants to bookmark me for posterity.

  3. This template was originally based on something called "Rounders 3", and it's slowly evolved away from it over time. This time it got slightly wider again, and I removed the last couple of rounded corners. I realize rounded corners were the signature feature of the template, but I decided I didn't like them after all.

    The problem is that, since I've customized this thing so much I'm reluctant to do the long-overdue Old Blogger -> New Blogger template migration. Apparently you lose your custom stuff and have to redo it, and so far I've been too lazy to have a go at that. So maybe later, probably, or not.

  4. Also freshened up the sidebar links a bit, cleaning out some late, lamented dead links, and adding a couple of new links.

So let me know what you think of the mildly new look. Rants, raves, flames, worshipful praise, inscrutable haiku, Socratic dialogues, whatever. Anyone? Bueller?

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