Wednesday, January 23, 2008

an eentsy metablog moment

This humblest of humble blogs recently got its 50,000th visitor. Seriously. I'm as surprised as you are, or possibly more so. I didn't even notice the blessed event until a few hundred hits later, unfortunately, so I don't know exactly how said visitor got here. I'll bet it was a Google Image search, as that's how most people stumble across this blog.... only to depart soon thereafter, never to return. Oh, well. There was a time when I cared deeply about visitor numbers and stats. Now, not really so much.

Speaking of images (in case anyone cares), I've been reorganizing my Flickr photos over the last few days. Flickr cajoles you to organize your photos into sets, and then put those sets in collections, which in turn can be part of bigger collections, ad infinitum. Well, not quite infinitum actually; you can only build a tree five layers deep, but I don't know how to say that in Latin.

In any case, I did as I was cajoled to do, so now instead of one big steaming pile of photos I have a bunch of small steaming piles of photos. My shiny new page chock full o' sets is here, and my collections (such as they are) live here.

I even geotagged some of them, so the resulting map is here. So far I've only done ones where I can geotag the whole set at once. I'm not sure I feel ambitious enough to go through and tag individual photos. Maybe someday, or not, or whatever.

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