Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"are you a blogger?"

So I'm sitting here having a beer, as I often do, and I decide to take a couple of photos, as I often do.

Pretty soon someone walks up and asks me if I'm a blogger. Is it really *that* obvious? I mean, I am and all, and it's a bit late to act all embarrassed about it. I suppose taking photos of beer *is* kind of a giveaway, isn't it?

It doesn't really help matters that this humble blog has a rather dumb name that isn't easily explained, and my nym is at least as dumb and even harder to explain. And it's not as if I can give a one-sentence summary of what the blog is about, either. "Photoblog" sort of fits, I guess, but that seems so limiting.

So that's probably part of why my immediate reaction was to blush and stammer. That, along with not being the world's biggest extrovert in any circimstances. But somewhere along the line I also absorbed the attitude that blogging is somehow disreputable, which is kind of a counterproductive attitude to take under the circumstances. I probably picked that up from the Old Media or something, as much as I try to ignore those clowns.

So yes, I am a blogger. It's true, for good or ill. Right after the aforementioned conversation, I thought, hey, do a moblog post about it. Haven't done one of those in a while. And those beer photos will appear once I get back to the mothership.

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