Friday, January 04, 2008

a brief january sunbreak

a brief january sunbreak, portland or

It's no secret that the weather's been getting me down lately. Read the last few posts here, and you'll notice I've blabbed on and on about it for some time now -- unless you get bored first and depart to a more fascinating corner of the interwebs, which I suppose would be understandable.

So the sun came out today, and it was great. I left the office and wandered around outside for a few hours, enjoying a world with actual colors other than gray for once. It's gone now, of course, but it was fun while it lasted. I think I even saw my shadow. Although here in Portland seeing your shadow in January means another six months of winter. And not seeing your shadow in January means precisely the same thing.

I realize I ought to say a few words about the Iowa caucuses or something, and I realize most people would rather read that than read about my wintry angst, but I can't bring myself to do it. Oregon's primary isn't until May, and the nomination's bound to be decided by then. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping Edwards pulls it out, but I realize the odds are against that. We'll probably nominate another middle-of-the-road, voted-for-it-before-I-voted-against-it, didn't-inhale, Hollywood-friendly no-hoper instead, like we usually do. So I'm also crossing my fingers and hoping the R's nominate Huckabee or one of the other Bible-thumping nutjobs, because the D nominee is going to need all the help s/he can get.

In any case, I took a couple of photos of today's sunbreak, just to prove it really happened, and here they are. I didn't colorize them in GIMP or anything, the sky really was blue, just briefly.

I think I need a long vacation. Somewhere very, very warm. With fruity tropical drinks with parasols and whatnot, and no email, or at least no corporate email. And parrots. And broadband.

a brief january sunbreak, portland or

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