Friday, September 29, 2006

another friday imagedump

It's Friday, plus September's almost up and I'm nowhere close to using up my free Flickr quota for the month. I admit that's not much of an organizing theme, but hey.
Maybe there's sort of a fall theme going on, although it's really more of an unavoidable fact of nature than a theme. It's not like I can do spring photos right now, not in this hemisphere at any rate.


Part of the Big Pink building.

lovejoy column

One of the surviving Lovejoy Columns, looking very out of place in the middle of the Pearl District.


Some red berries.


Moon over Rusting Chunks No. 5

shadow, hawthorne bridge

This is just a shot of the Hawthorne Bridge, but I thought it looked cool for some reason. I'm not sure why, exactly.


Some orange berries.

bleak plaza

A rather bleak-looking 60's era plaza in an office park downtown, off 1st Avenue just south of I-405.


A bit of existential graffiti.


A palm tree in the Pearl District, on a cold rainy day.


The old Pearl meets the new.


More existential graffiti, this time with a typo.

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