Thursday, September 21, 2006

interwebbage du jour

I'm working valiantly to reduce the RSS backlog I accumlated due to being out of interweb range for several days. Here's some of the more interesting stuff I've come across since yesterday's link dump:

  • Today's weird Japanese video
  • The age of glossy OPML startups is upon us.
  • From /. : The Poincare Conjecture saga takes another ugly turn.
  • Talk radio wingnut declares war on lesbofascism. So guys, the line to audition to play Marshal Petain forms on the left. And no cuts. Thx. Mgmt.
  • In fact, the jihad is already starting. See? SEE???
  • In retrospect, it was inevitable: A New Zealand horror movie about carnivorous sheep.
  • Rest in peace, Crimson Executioner.
  • The latest research on wine chemistry. The article mentions that it may eventually be possible to create synthetic wine that's never been near a grape, much less a rustic Tuscan village. Take that, yuppie twits! I should note that the equivalent happened in the beer world years ago. We call it "Coors Lite", when we have to.
  • SCO's anti-Linux jihad takes yet another turn for the worse. Jeez, how many turns for the worse is it going to take, already?
  • Today's dinky Linux gizmo. Awwwwww.....
  • The Guardian scratches its head about LA for the umpteenth time. Personally, I'm rooting for the pink crown rot virus.
  • From Treehugger, another fun thing to do with old shipping containers. Plus yet another piece about green roofs. Oh, and bicycles.
  • The experts seem to think they've discovered a slab full of Olmec poetry. Totally unreadable, of course, since we don't actually know the Olmec language. But hey, if it's really poetry that's probably a good thing.
  • Seems that the poor US education system has certain advantages after all. Really I ought to be ranting about petty bureaucrats and the abuse of power, but it's just sort of funny. What I really want to know is: Did the customs guy himself know the right answer?
  • Yet another reason not to eat sea turtles. It's actually altruism on their part: They're absorbing the heavy metals to help protect their silly two-legged landbound friends. I'm sure that's what's going on.
  • Once again, lurid fiction becomes medical reality.
  • HumuKonTiki proposes a vast labyrinth of underground tunnels to connect all the world's home tiki bars. May I suggest... a swoopy 50's mole machine, perhaps?
  • Got beer? Got a helicopter? Brilliant!
  • It's official: Thailand is weird.
  • Today's cute echidna.
  • The Guardian bravely attempts to include differential equations in a business article, and almost succeeds. Don't hold your breath waiting for USA Today to follow suit.
  • George Allen rides again. As usual, Jon Swift has all the gory details. It all makes sense now. Thank you, Jon!
  • Jared Leto is teh sux0r. Whoever he is.
  • The Portland Streetcar is coming to Lake Oswego. It'll be the funnest, most awesome six hour commute you've ever had.

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