Friday, August 18, 2006

Utility Co. Emoticon


Ok, probably not an actual emoticon, per se, but I can't read that secret code stuff the utility companies scrawl on our streets every summer, and human brains are wired up to see faces, and it looks like a face to me, so I'm calling it an emoticon.

In fact, if it's a face, it may as well be a famous face. I'm going to go with Einstein, because of the hair. It's a shame it doesn't look more like a Jesus or a Virgin Mary, though, since that's where the big bucks are. You could, like, sneak down and quietly jackhammer it out of the street at 3AM when nobody will notice, except for homeless people and folks who hung around the bar til closing time (2:30 by law in Oregon), and nobody will believe those people anyway, so why not? Oh, and then sell it on eBay, of course. [Legal Disclaimer: Don't actually do this in real life, or if you do, don't tell the pigs who gave you the idea.]

I saw this on my way to the grocery store to address a serious beer drought at home. I finally tracked down the Green Flash West Coast IPA in bottle form, plus the Organic Revolution X from Butte Creek, both of which I had recently at the OBF. The latter is one of the beers I tried after shorting out my taste buds (in a good way) with that infamous Pliny the Elder stuff, and I feel I didn't really do it justice, and since I always strive for fairness and accuracy in this here blog, I figured the decent thing would be to give it another try, and have it first this time. So I may report on that in the near future.

Right now, at this very moment, they have a bit of street closed off across from Powell's, around the weird sculpture most people know as "Satan's Testicle". Chain link fence, festooned with tiki torches and such, with Bob Marley playing, and sand piled all over the street. It looked a little weird, but mostly sort of lame, in a corporate promotion sort of way. Marketing people all think the same, regardless of what industry they work in. Probably at some point in the evening a Bacardimobile or the equivalent will roll up, and a bevy of enthusiastic spokesmodels will join the festivities. I guess there could be worse summer jobs than that, but still. Feh.

I didn't take a picture of that, because it looked lame, but I did get a picture of one of the display windows at Spartacus, which is on the way to the grocery store, seriously. Two female mannequins, one spanking the other silly. Naughty, naughty mannequin. I'm not posting it here, though. Not because of the content, oddly enough, but because in the window you can see a reflection of me taking the picture, and I don't post pictures of myself here, just like I don't give my actual name or address or SSN, or say where I work, or exactly how old I am, or anything like that, because the words here are supposed to speak for themselves, and stand or fall on their own merits, or lack thereof, or whatever, and who I am in RL doesn't matter. I'm nobody important. Ok, mostly it's just that I'm antisocial and I like anonymity. And then there's a certain loony netkook I've tangled with in the past to think about. Plus my hair's kind of messy in the photo because of the wind, and it's not a good photo of me, and I'm self-conscious, so I'm not posting it, already, dammit. So anyway, if I can come up with a good photo of mannequin bondage that doesn't include me, I may post it here, if I get around to it.

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