Tuesday, August 15, 2006


A recent image of Deimos, the dinky outer moon of Mars, taken by Mars Global Surveyor.

Other assorted geekage:

  • In other space news, the "what is a planet" debate rages on. Look for my contribution among the comments over at The Panda's Thumb, in the unlikely event that you care.
  • A piece at Space.com shows why splitting hairs over planetary barycenters is a silly idea.
  • In RL news, I finally came across a good explanation for why my Windows app goes bonkers when it approaches 2000 worker threads during torture testing. That's just way too many worker threads, anyway. I may need to do something about that.
  • Also, the latest news on that weird Russian mathematician who sorted out the Poincare Conjecture a couple of years ago.
  • Here's an article about some sort of "killer hybrid mutant" creature in the backwoods of Maine. Looks like a dog to me, quite honestly. (You need to scroll down -- the top picture is for an unrelated story.) All the accounts I can find are lurid and kind of tabloidy. I expect all the cryptozoological excitement will go away once they do some basic DNA testing on the thing.
  • The latest about dark matter. Seems that when galaxies collide, the dark matter just slides right through the cataclysm and keeps on going its merry way, as if a billion-star apocalypse was really no big deal. Dark matter is cool that way.

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