Monday, August 14, 2006


When you realize the supposed bug you're scratching your head over is happening because you've brought the corporate network to its knees trying to locate a different, customer-reported bug (with the boss's full approval & active participation, I hasten to add) - you just know it's time for a beer. So I'm up at Amnesia Brewing on trend-o-licious Mississippi Avenue right now, sipping a Desolation IPA. I actually like their other IPA (Copacetic IPA) better, but I already had one of those, and I'm all about variety and all that. The Desolation is a little stronger, and less hoppy than the Copacetic, which is basically a pint of tasty Amarillo hop nectar. Mmmmmmm....... And the sausages are pretty damn delicious, too.

You'd never mistake me for a hipster, not even a mildly aging one. I might have walked past the old X-Ray Cafe at the very moment Kurt met Courtney, but I wasn't cool enough to go inside, so I don't know for sure. You've probably heard of bands that I haven't. It pains me that many of the city's newer breweries have located in the city's hipster colonies, since everyone knows hipsters drink nothing but PBR anyway. Ok, not strictly true. A hipster friend (who's also my token bike-fascist and off-leash-dog hipster friend) is a real rebel and drinks Olympia. Or was it Rainier? I can never tell the difference.

Anyway, that's all by way of explanation so you don't get the wrong idea, since yesterday I was up on even-trendier Alberta St., although in my defense it was strictly for the beer. The new Mash Tun brewpub is there, tucked behind an ultra-cool hipster office supply shop(!), so a visit was inevitable. Decent IPA, very tasty porter, great falafel. Mmmmmm.....

Yes, friends, it's a real chore keeping up with our fair city's explosion of beery goodness. But as chores go, hey, it could be worse. Much, much worse.

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