Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dubious Linkage

A hodgepodge of stuff I ran across over the last couple of days, since I'm too damn busy to sit down and write anything original right now. It's either this, or complain about work. Or, I guess, just not blog for a few days, but honestly, is that really an option? I don't think so. It would probably be very bad not to blog for a few days. I'm not sure why, but I just think bad stuff would happen, and I'm not inclined to investigate further. So here goes:

  • xkcd makes math exciting... with velociraptors!
  • Pluto: Still a planet! Yay!
  • A post about a weird fundie graphic novel(!) about dinosaurs attacking Noah's Ark(!!!).
  • An IBM article about mashups
  • K5 takes a closer look at all that AOL user data the company released recently. It's a rare tech story indeed where just reading it makes you feel dirty, and yet you can't stop. "Hypnotic slave training"!? WTF!?
  • A roundup of creepy products at Feministing
  • More proof of the innate superiority of left-handers, as if more was needed.
  • Jack Bog's cat is a he. Warning, includes cute cat photo. Awwwww....
  • The Portland Mercury offers a weird video of cats wrestling It's art. You know it's art, because it's b+w, it's in slo-mo, and there's New Age music.
  • A weird and creepy story about the Toxoplasma parasite, which you can catch from your cat. And then it controls your mind. Seriously.
  • A gibbon beating up a couple of tigers. You must watch this. Gibbons rock.
  • What is it about horse meat that freaks Americans out so much? A local French restaurant offers a "hamburger a cheval" along with other delicacies like foie gras. I may have to go have me a horse burger, just to be contrary.
  • Check out this Hello Vader costume. Looks like someone thought of it before you did.
  • A piece about mermaid mummies in Japan.
  • Genetically modified golf course grass, right here in Oregon. Yeah, great, now they're endangering the environment in the name of greener golf courses. Fabulous.
  • Got a search hit for my recent Reservoir 3 post, someone searching for "pictures of fenced reservoir". It's sometimes interesting to follow the search URL and see what else is out there. Here's a cool photo of McMillan Reservoir in DC, a trail around Crystal Springs Reservoir south of San Francisco, Lafayette Reservoir near Lamorina, CA (look for the photo of the weird tower rising out of the water at an odd angle.), the snowmaking reservoir up in Whistler, BC, and the Waianae Mountains on Oahu, Hawaii.
  • Perhaps you already knew this, and perhaps I look silly for not knowing, but I just discovered that the Multnomah County Library offers full-text search on The Oregonian, all the way back to mid-1987. Coolness.
  • The city wants to put parking meters on Hawthorne now. And by "parking meter" I mean those Euro-licious but impossibly complex green solar-powered kiosk thingys they've planted all over downtown the last few years.
  • Big party up at the Port of Portland's Terminal 6 on Aug.26th, with real live pirate music and everything, plus you can learn about container ships. Family fun for the whole family.
  • Like pirates? Loathe "family fun"? Here's a recent B movie about pirates I came across on Netflix, called (naturally) "Pirates". The peculiar thing is that it's apparently a cut-down, video-store-friendly, R-rated version of what was originally an X-rated movie, with CG pirate ships, skeletons, and so on. I wouldn't say the acting's great, but the thing's actually pretty funny in parts. Weirdness.
  • Speaking of B movies, is Nathan Fillion the next Bruce Campbell? Personally I think the lead guy in that Pirates movie would be a good next Bruce Campbell, but I imagine he's probably satisfied with his existing career.
  • A creepy religious story about a homicidal wingnut priest.

Three sites that've linked here recently:

  • The Brew Site, linking to my humble OBF piece.
  • Blogging Brande, linking to my recent bit about Kelly Butte Park.
  • alt.portland mentioned my take on the vile "Essential Forces" fountain over at the Rose Quarter.

And now, the latest and greatest (or not) batch of "Next Blog" referral pages. I'm tired of explaining the rationale for this, so go find one of my previous "Next Blog" posts if you're curious.

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Reel Fanatic said...

There can only be one Bruce Campbell, but personally I'm a big fan of Mr. Fillion ... I think Firefly and Serenity are Joss Whedon's best work, and Fillion carried those .. i was really depressed by how little money Slither made, since I thought it was just wicked fun