Saturday, November 22, 2014

Claremont Avenue Bridge

The next installment in the ongoing bridge project is a little unusual. NE Portland's Woodlawn neighborhood is basically flat and doesn't have any major bodies of water, so you wouldn't expect it to have much in the way of bridges, but there's one obscure one in the middle of the neighborhood's Woodlawn Park. The park was built in the 70s with urban renewal money, and they seem to have had a very generous budget. They must have concluded that Claremont Ave. needed to be a through street through the area of the proposed park, but instead of just running the road through like they normally would, they built a pint-sized bridge/overpass over the park's main trail, and located restrooms and an office underneath it. I don't know if the designers were consciously trying for this effect, but I'd actually call it kind of cute. I mean, by 1970s concrete bridge standards, at least.

The city's 2010 bridge inventory has some trivia about this bridge (although there's now a weight restriction sign on the bridge, as you can see in the first photo).

COP Bridge #005
NBI # 25B05
Bridge TypeVehicular
Yr. Built 1974
Material TypePS Concrete
Current Inspection Date08/12/2010
Current Sufficiency Rating62.90
NBI Sufficiency StatusNot Deficient
Weight Limited Bridge PostingNo Posting
PBOT Condition RatingGOOD
SUMMARY: Long Term Estimated Capital Need$522,970
SUMMARY: Overall Bridge Capital NeedSEISMIC REHAB

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