Sunday, November 02, 2014

Cardboard Castle mural (3)

So here's the third mural on the Cardboard Castle building on N. Albina. I didn't get great photos of this one; it's on the back side of the building, behind a chain link fence, and for some reason it didn't occur to me to put my phone up to the fence to take an unobstructed photo. Fortunately someone else was a little brighter than I was, and posted a photo of it on Instagram. This one was created by Mexico City mural artist Curiot, who posted an even better Instagram photo of it. The mural was painted for the 2014 Forest for the Trees festival, and their Tumblr has a few photos of it as well. In short, just about everyone has better photos of it than I do.

Apparently the artist is another of the itinerant globe-trotting mural artists the Forest for the Trees festivals have been bringing to town. Before I started this mural project, I had no idea this stuff existed. It sounds like a really fun job, honestly, though if it's anything like sketching or watercolors I'd be greatly hindered at it by my utter lack of artistic skill. If you want the sort of spaceships I drew in 8th grade English class, I can probably hook you up, but I'm pretty sure that would be a waste of a perfectly good wall.

In any case, besides here and Mexico City there are Curiot murals in Munich, Compton, CA, and even Tunisia. (I'm not sure I should say "even Tunisia", knowing as little as I do about contemporary pop culture there. Murals could be a huge deal in Tunisia and I would have no idea.)

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