Saturday, March 01, 2014

Sandwich Isle

Sandwich Isle Sandwich Isle

When I was at Honolulu's Foster Botanic Garden a few months ago, I was wandering around looking for the local baobab tree when I ran across Sandwich Isle, a 1970s sculpture tucked away in a far corner of the garden. It was raining pretty heavily so I only got a pair of photos, but I figured I had enough material for a short blog post. The Honolulu arts office's page for Sandwich Isle is on the terse side: "A Sculpture by Bob Flint. Ceramic sculpture of five curvilinear forms of assembled ceramic pieces, terracotta on concrete bases. Located at the Foster Botanical Garden Economic Garden."

The artist's Wikipedia bio mentions that he originally moved to Hawaii in 1960 for the surfing. Maybe I've watched The Endless Summer one too many times, but that seems like one of the cooler ways to end up in Hawaii.

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