Sunday, February 09, 2014

SE 16th & Ash

Here's another City Repair painted intersection, this time at SE 16th & Ash, a oouple of blocks south of East Burnside. Some of the street designs have names and others don't, and as far as I can tell this one doesn't. Their 2013 Village Builder guide just calls it SE 16th & Ash, anyway. As with most of the others, they went with a floral design, with a different flower and color for each arm of the intersection, all growing out of the central traffic circle. It's less complex than Sunnyside Piazza, for example; I imagine this is a function of how long it's been around, and how many people typically volunteer to work on it.

I should probably point out that these photos were taken in midwinter, in between paintings, so it's showing a little wear and tear right now. Part of the idea behind "intersection repairs" is that they need to be repainted every so often, thus helping people meet their neighbors, which fosters community spirit and so forth. So I guess I'm showing one part of that cycle in action, though I feel I ought to apologize for not presenting the design at its best. I did run across a blog post with a video of this intersection being painted, and a few photos of it in a less-worn state. Figured I should pass those along to give a better idea of how it's intended to look.

To go off on a tangent, while I was searching for any info about this design, I ran into an entirely different 16th & Ash in Forest Grove, a semi-rural gravel road the state film office thinks would make a fantastic filming location for some reason.

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