Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Kerns United

Today's adventure takes us to yet another colorful intersection repair, this time at NE 24th & Everett. This one's sometimes called "Kerns United", Kerns being the surrounding neighborhood. The local neighborhood association organized (or at least got the word out about) the most recent painting in June 2013; in fact the design is more or less identical to the neighborhood association logo. I'm not sure which one came first. The intersection is also the background to the neighborhood association's Facebook page.

I don't have any fun historical items to pass along this time, but apparently there was a bald eagle sighting right around here in March 2013. If you're in the area and happen to see an eagle, today's helpful protip is to not stand directly under the bird. If it decides to crap on you, you're not going to like it. The force and sheer volume they can manage is kind of amazing, in a disgusting sort of way. I was narrowly missed once while driving in the Olympic Peninsula. I figure I probably would have gone off the road and crashed if the bird had scored a hit on the windshield. So I can only imagine what a well-fed urban eagle could do to a passing cyclist if it wanted to. In short, watch out for the eagle menace.

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