Saturday, February 15, 2014

Overlook Feng Shui

I've been on a bit of a roll with the City Repair painted intersections lately. "Overlook Feng Shui" is one of the more elaborate ones, at the crazy-angled intersection of N. Failing, Concord, Melrose, & Overlook. Instead of one circle in the middle of the intersection, there are about half a dozen smaller circes scattered around the intersection, each with its own design. The Overlook neighborhood association website has a page about the project with an overhead diagram, which gives a somewhat better idea of what the design as a whole looks like. I don't claim to be a feng shui guru (as lucrative as that would be), so I have no idea whether the design complies with that particular superstition.

Oddly enough I ran across a Facebook page opposing the intersection painting, albeit in a wishy-washy "some people argue that..." sort of way. Overlook has a bit more of a conventional, respectable feel to it than some of the other neighborhoods that host intersection paintings -- at least by Portland eastside standards -- so the whole utopian hippie community-building vibe may not hold the same universal appeal it has closer to Hawthorne and Belmont, for example. I note that as far as I know, the Laurelhurst, Alameda, Irvington, and Westmoreland neighborhoods can't boast a single painted intersection between them. I suppose that would lower the tone or something.

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