Saturday, April 06, 2013

Red, Yellow, Blue

Red, Yellow, Blue

Today's adventure in obscurity takes us to Red, Yellow, Blue, yet another item from the the Travel Portland art map, which describes it as "Mel Katz Red, Yellow, Blue 1990 cast concrete, linoleum". It's a small sculpture in front of the 200 Market building, aka the "Black Box". Longtime readers of this humble blog might remember Katz as the creator of Daddy Long Legs, on the Portland transit mall. Longtime Portlanders might know him better as a prominent local artist since time immemorial, or possibly as the ex-husband of former mayor Vera Katz. This is a fairly obscure piece of his, so there isn't much about it out on the interwebs, but I did come across one photo in a blog post about another Katz piece, in the lobby of a historic building in downtown Portland.

Red, Yellow, Blue sits right in front of one of the few remaining Kobos Coffee shops. I only took this one photo because the store was busy and I was kind of in the way. Also, I was juggling a camera, an umbrella, and a coffee (recommended, btw), and I was on my way to work, with a 9:15 meeting I couldn't get out of. So no weird close-up shots this time around, but hey.

If you're in the area, you might also be interested in Awning, another obscure sculpture over on the 3rd Avenue Mall side of the building. Pettygrove Park is a little urban oasis directly south of / behind the building. There are probably a few other things I've posted about that don't come to mind immediately. I'd really like to automate this sort of thing & just have a "Stuff Near Here" section at the bottom of each post that's generated on the fly based on blog posts' geotags. Blogger/Google hasn't gotten around to that, sadly, so I've been tinkering with writing my own in my oh-so-copious free time. So it's anyone's guess when (or if) that might be available.

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