Monday, April 08, 2013

Test post (G+ edition)

Ok, Google finally decided my longstanding "brx0" pseudonym was officially pseudonymous enough that I could use it on G+, so there I am. I also went ahead & created a "Cyclotram on G+" page for this humble blog (and feel free to add either or both to your circles if you're so inclined). I'm not entirely sure what it's good for yet, other than (possibly) more visibility. I've always suspected that Google's super-seekrit page ranking algorithm includes a component that rewards sites that do things the Google Way, which apparently I'm doing now. I don't usually spend any time worrying about search ranking and page hits and that sort of thing; I'm not trying to sell an actual product or service or anything here, so striving too much for that feels rather vain and self-promotional, which would invite the wrath of various ghostly departed Midwestern ancestors. Which would be bad.

In any case, I didn't have any real blog posts ready to go, and I'm curious to see exactly what happens when I publish a post now, and I'm still trying to maintain some level of standards here so pasting a blob of lorem ipsum simply wouldn't do. Hence the post you're reading now.

Actually since we're on the subject of blogs, I'm thinking about tweaking the blog template again. May just change some colors around again, may do something else, I'm not sure yet. I just thought a little fair warning was in order this time. Unlike the time I dumped the old black, blue, and green scheme on a whim one night when I decided it was too garish. The current scheme isn't so garish; it's just sort of unsatisfying, and I haven't put my finger on what's wrong with it just yet.

Anyway, enough about that. Time to press the "Publish" button and see where this thing ends up...

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