Thursday, November 13, 2008

Facing the Crowd

Here are a few photos of Facing the Crowd, the huge creepy face sculptures outside PGE Park. There are two faces, one in front of each entrance to the stadium, to guarantee that all visitors get creeped out before the big game starts. This one's at the east entrance, and is supposed to evoke a child's face. Which it totally does. Just like Chucky. Run away!!!

Facing the Crowd

Portland Public Art rants about the faces in "Results of 'informal' and 'murky'" and a followup, "Government + art = oil + water"

The faces are also #24 at Things About Portland That Suck.

A Willamette Week editorial suggested the faces could use $1000 worth of dynamite. Although that still seems like a waste of taxpayer money to me -- there's got to be a way to solve the problem for free. This city's full of meth-addled metal thieves, after all. Where the hell are they when you need 'em for once?

And in what may be the most fitting use of the faces, they got a visit during Santacon, our fair city's annual rampaging mob of drunk Santas. There's a larger photo here.

Facing the Crowd

For an alternate take on the faces, the artist's website discusses them here, and they're mentioned at Art on File and Arts USA.

PGE Park simply calls them a "unique feature", and a couple of blog posts mention the faces in passing.

Oh, and the New York Times had to mention them too. After the way they've been fawning over Portland and telling the world how fabulous we are, maybe this is their attempt to balance things out a little...

Facing the Crowd

If you can't get enough of the faces, if you find them hypnotic for some reason, if you feel compelled to rise and do their bidding, or whatever, here are more photos from all around the interwebs:
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Ragemanchoo said...

Finally some other people who recognize the faces as looking like Chucky. I don't care how saccharine-sweet the plaques by the faces are supposed to be, the thing is UGLY.