Wednesday, December 26, 2007

happy holiday(s)


I'm a little late with this, as usual. Umm, Boxing Day's still a holiday, right? Technically?

This humblest of humble blogs is a bit over two years old now. One of the very few things I've learned over the last two years is the importance of lightening up a little. I think I've learned that. Either that or I've merely gotten two years older and lazier and I just can't be bothered to care quite as much anymore. I'm not entirely sure.

To illustrate, briefly, here are two posts from Christmas(ish) 2005, and another from Christmas(esque) 2006. Two things strike me immediately. First, I seemed to be rather grumpy and peevish much of the time, especially in the early days. I like to think I've gotten that out of my system, for the most part. Being outraged all the time rapidly gets freakin' exhausting. Second thing, I was quite wordy. Where did I get the free time to write so much? I don't remember having copious stretches of free time then, and I certainly don't now, so I don't see how I managed it. Did I write faster and more coherently two years ago? Are my mental faculties in decline? Or am I just wringing my hands because I have a birthday coming up? That might have something to do with it. At least it's not the big four-zero mark quite yet... although I think I can smell it from here. The thought did occur to me recently that my newfound fascination with old cameras seems a touch... middle-aged, somehow. I mean, it's not like I'm filling a garage with Harleys or Corvettes or anything, and I only buy gadgets I plan to use, but still... I don't want to wake up in a few years or a decade or a month or so and realize I've become just another pathetic and tragically unhip middle-aged white guy. That would be deeply unpleasant. Oh, and did I mention I found a gray eyebrow hair a couple of months back? Did I mention I found it attached to me? Eeek!

Um... so anyway, happy holiday(s) from me to whoever. Or not. Or whatever. Like I care, or not.

Oh, and in case anyone's curious, this photo was taken with my old late-60's Mamiya 1000 DTL using the stock Auto Sekor 55/1.8 lens. I'd include the aperture & shutter info too, except that I didn't write it down, and now I've forgotten. Oh, well. Whatever. Or not.


KathleenM said...

Happy hols to you! I've linked to your post about the wahkiakum ferry, and shamelessly used one of your photos. Notice I'm craving forgiveness before asking permission. I'd like to give an approriate photo credit if you don't ask me to remove the whole thing.

atul666 said...

No problem, all my photos are Creative Commons, so you're free to use 'em. You can just credit "atul" or "atul666", if you're so inclined.