Wednesday, December 19, 2007

assorted accidents & experiments

argus multiple exposure

An accidental multiple-exposure photo, taken with an old Argus C3 Matchmatic I picked up a while back. This wasn't on purpose (and is quite easy to do by accident on a C3), but I rather like it. I have a bunch of 'normal' Argus pics too, which turned out better than I expected. I'll try to post some in the next day or two, or so.

pomegranate & xmas lights

A while back I read something about using out-of-focus Christmas lights to create a nice blobby background. I thought I'd give it a try, and although it came out on the underdone side, I still rather like the effect. The foreground is just a pomegranate I had handy. It's the background I really cared about. In the end it's just an experiment, after all.

macro candy

A sorta-macro shot using an EL-Nikkor 75/4 enlarging lens. I picked the thing up really cheap, as it came attached to some sort of old industrial line-scan camera I can't make heads or tails of. I really ought to get an adapter ring to convert the EL-Nikkor's 39mm thread (the standard enlarger lens mount) to 42mm, so I can use it on macro bellows. And/or get a helicoid & extension tube setup so I can use it like a normal M42 lens. And/or get some additional adapter rings so I can mount it reversed, either on the bellows or the helicoid.

In any case, first I just wanted to see whether the EL-Nikkor takes decent photos or not. It seems to do OK, at least OK enough for me to spring for some of the gadgetry I just mentioned.

The candy, meanwhile, is a raspberry-filled chocolate from Denmark, which we bought at the annual Scandinavian festival at PSU a couple of weeks ago. The company's website is here. I highly recommend the Creamy Raspberry. Actually I highly recommend everything that contains raspberries, come to think of it.

UV landscape

I've posted a few UV photos here before, but they were all taken with my compact digital camera, not with film. So I thought I'd try it with film for comparison, since there was still a big question mark about whether I was really seeing UV or not. Digital sensors are bad at UV, we're told, and UV is incompatible with modern zoom lenses, with their 21st century optical coatings and all those glass elements, some with their surfaces cemented together with rather uv-opaque substances. My little digicam seemed to do it anyway, so I figured I ought to take a film photo or two for comparison. This definitely came out brighter than the usual digital image, but I didn't test both with all other conditions equal, so this is at best an unscientific comparison. I can at least say it looks pretty similar to what the digicam takes, which gives me a bit more confidence that it's seeing what I think it's seeing.

This was a ~1 second exposure, at f/1.4, handheld, because I was too lazy to go across the room and dig out the tripod and cable release. So I'm actually surprised it's as clear as it is. Did I mention this was just an experiment?

pinhole experiment m42

I also got the notion to try making a pinhole "lens" for one of my old SLR, which involved a few seconds of work with a piece of tinfoil and a needle. You can also buy the things premade, with precision laser-bored pinholes, and the results are no doubt a bit less fuzzy. And maybe I'll buy one at some point. But homemade is kind of fun too.

The moon.  Honest.

Now here's one that just failed completely. I bought a T-mount adapter to hook an M42 camera up to a telescope, but I haven't figured out how to get things in focus yet, try as I might. This is supposed to be the moon. I guess you'll just have to take my word for it.

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