Friday, April 06, 2007

Moblog season

So mostly I'm just doing this to look busy. I wandered out of the office to go track down this year's copy of TurboTax, finally, which meant a trip over to the Mac store near Lloyd Center. Which in turn meant a side trip to the mall proper to visit the food court in search of the fabled "Mexi-Fries Grande", basically a plate of tater tots with cheese, salsa, sour cream, green onions, and most importantly... Bacon! But that's a subject for another time, since I can't post photos from the BB here. Did I mention I have an extremely sore big toe? Well, I do, and after all that walking I figured a sore toe was a good reason to grab a beer on the way back to the office. It's a tendon thing, or possibly a ligament, and either way the beer isn't actually medicinal. But still, it seemed like a good idea. So here I am at the downtown Stumptown, and everyone except me has a laptop. Ok, I'm exaggerating, but they're a clear majority. Everyone's so *busy*... So I figured I didn't want to look totally out of place, I mean, everyone else might start to feel insecure and wonder why they're sitting there doing real work (or playing solitaire) when they could be out enjoying the rare sunshine. I have a sore toe, let's keep that in mind, so I have a legitimate excuse. And they don't.

I have this tedious habit of always counting the laptops when I'm in a coffee shop. Right now we're up to 9, which I think ties the record. Stumptown really isn't that big, so 9 means one at every table, and a couple on the sofa in back. Oh wait, there's two on one of the tables, so we're up to 10 now. And 6 are Macs.

The Oregonian had a piece this morning about it being the season to take the laptop out to the park and mooch some of that tasty free WiFi goodness, although they quickly discovered that it's more of a theoretical good idea than an acutal one.

I had a corporate Dell notebook for a while, and I used to use it when I rode MAX. I felt so important... One time a guy offered to trade me a bag of weed for it, so clearly he didn't realize how much the thing cost. It would've had to be a very, very large bag, is what I'm saying. Speaking purely hypothetically, of course.

Ok, now we're up to 11. When the laptops go up to 11, you know things are entirely out of hand. It's just posing, at that point. But hey, I just paid $6 for a Chimay on draft, so what do I know?

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