Thursday, April 19, 2007

blue, gold, white, rainbow


I probably ought to say a few words about these pics, since I'm just sitting here waiting for my Java app to give up on talking to MySQL and blow up with an OutOfMemoryError, which it's bound to do sooner or later. The yellow flowers are from Pacific City, but I don't know what they are. I bought a book on coastal wildflowers while we were out there, and I still don't know. Actually I don't know what any of the flowers are, quite honestly. It's not that I'm afraid I'll guess wrong (which I often do), it's that I haven't the first clue about them. And the last photo is probably not the best rainbow photo you'll ever see. In part this is because I was getting rained on, which I don't enjoy; also, it just wasn't a very good rainbow, as far as these things go. Oh, well.


Whoa, there goes my app now. Which means the bug fix I spent all day cobbling together didn't work. Dammit. Damn damn damn. Oh, well, this isn't the only bug in my queue. It's like a line from the old SNL sketch with John Belushi as a middle-aged Hercules: "This rock is too heavy! I will lift the smaller rock over there." (I think that's how the line went anyway. It's been a long time.)



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