Monday, March 05, 2007

rain, rain, gone away

Scenes from today's rare bit of sunshine. Ok, actually they're mostly pics of flowers, as usual. Sadly, it is my way.

Most of these pics are from around Riverplace and Waterfront Park. If you'd rather read something a little more substantial about this area (among other things), check out the latest post at Cafe Unknown. Every good Portlander knows that we tore out a freeway to put in Waterfront Park. But most people have never heard about what possessed our forebears to put a freeway there in the first place. If you've ever wondered about that, now's your chance to learn all about it.

For anyone who's still here, here are those photos I mentioned:


Crocuses at Riverplace. Not to be confused with the classic 80's metal band Krokus.

Actually I think I made that joke last year, right around this time. It feels kind of stale. But at least this year I have photos to compensate for the stupid jokes. I hadn't yet figured out the photoblog thing a year ago. Believe it or not.


A bunch of flowers I can't identify, also at Riverplace.


Detail of the infamous "Satan's Testicle" sculpture across the street from Powell's. Please note the unusual presence of sunshine.


Some azaleas, once again at Riverplace.


Geese lurking on a girder under the Morrison Bridge. Because they can, I guess.


Another azalea, this time in Waterfront Park. As far as I can tell, this is the very first one to bloom out. But I didn't undertake a rigorous survey, so I might've missed the others if they're out there.

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Anonymous said...

The "some azalea" is more properly called a rhododendron. Although azaleas are a subgenus of rhododendron, the term azalea tends to be used for the deciduous example, while the evergreen variety is merely labeled "rhododendron". The "another azalea" is as advertised.