Thursday, March 01, 2007

Brave New Blogger

So this is my first post after upgrading to New Blogger. The system's been badgering me to do this for months now, but until today I kept blowing off the constant pleas and entreaties. Despite all assurances to the contrary, I was convinced the upgrade would lose all my old posts, or nuke my custom template tweaks, or something. Finally, this morning, Blogger just said flat-out that I had to upgrade now, so I did. And after a few minutes of suspense... well, nothing looks all that different so far. My posts didn't get trashed, my templates are still as quirky and unattractive as ever, and the world doesn't appear to have ended, at least so far.

You'd think that as a tech geek I'd have jumped at New Blogger the first chance I got, but that's actually the reason I tend to hang back on the trailing edge. When a vendor calls its own a product a "beta", you never use it for Real Work if any reasonable alternative is available. Old Blogger had its many frustrations, but the only time I ever lost any work was when my entire browser crashed, and I can't blame Old Blogger for that. Actually I also lost work once because of a kernel panic caused by a third-party USB device driver. Aggravating, but again entirely not the fault of Old Blogger.

In any case, I figured I ought to try it out with a brief and mostly content-free post (i.e. this one) before trusting it with anything "important". So now I'm going to press the Publish button, and see what happens...

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