Thursday, March 29, 2007

duck, duck, geese, hummingbird

I'm not really much of a birdwatcher, and I don't take pics of birds very often. But it's springtime, and birds are flying north again, some ending up in unlikely spots:

duck & reflection, lovejoy fountain

duck, lovejoy fountain

A duck in Lovejoy Fountain. I like how it paddles right between the groovy 60's stepstones. The duck probably didn't stay long; there's nothing to eat here, unless it's evolved so it can digest concrete. Which is unlikely. I hope.

Just a couple of months ago, I was photographing snowboarders in almost exactly the same spot. Spring is great, isn't it?

Ducks, Tanner Springs

More ducks, this time in the murky pond in ultra-upscale Tanner Springs Park. This is basically the first animal life I've seen in this supposedly precious and incredibly delicate ecosystem. Which raises an obvious question: There are big signs all over the place scolding you that dogs are Uber-Verboten in the park. Seems that if a dog does its business here, it sets off a catastrophic park-wide chain reaction, leading to total ecological collapse. So what if a duck does its business here? It's basically the same stuff, and they might be putting it directly into the water. If we have a wetland that's so fragile it can't even support the presence of a couple of waterfowl, that's really not something we ought to pride ourselves on, is it? Sounds like poor design to me.

waterfront geese

Some Canada geese in Waterfront Park. This was actually taken back in late October, during the previous migration. This is mostly here to make the title work. Basically I realized I had a couple of recent pictures of ducks, figured I might as well post them, and then tried to think of a clever title. I had a couple of older pics of geese lying around, so I figured, what the heck. I don't think I've posted this one yet, but I could be wrong. At least geese are migratory, except when they aren't.


And now we've veered completely off the original topic. This is one of the Anna's hummingbirds that lives in our neighborhood year-round. Someone has a feeder. Probably lots of people have feeders.

I only know what kind of hummingbird this is because my wife told me. This photo won a bet between her and a friend of ours. And there was booze for all. Yay, hummingbirds! Yay, booze!

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