Monday, December 11, 2006

Tram, tram, tram and eggs

Thrilling video of our fair city's new aerial tram, taken fresh this morning. Watch in astonishment as it inches its way up Pill Hill. Gape in awe as it glides by, kind of like a ski lift only much more expensive. Ok, so the tram's the little grey bit off in the distance. Stupid camera didn't want to zoom any further than that in movie mode, unfortunately. But hey, it's what I've got, and here it is. Besides, you aren't paying a cent to watch this, so what's the use in complaining?

Don't bother turning up the sound; all you'll hear is road noise from nearby Interstate 405. I mean, be my guest if you want to -- it's basically just white noise, almost like listening to the ocean (but not as relaxing). It's just that the audio track contains nothing remotely tram-related, which presumably is the reason you're visiting this post. So, well, whatever.

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