Thursday, December 21, 2006

An evil scumbag pervert pays a visit

Weird Google hits are usually good for a laugh or two, but earlier today this blog got a search hit from some pervert looking for kiddie porn. I want to describe just how angry and disgusted I am, but words fail me. If I had the guy's full IP address, I'd post it. If I knew his name, address, phone number, etc., I'd post those too, and alert the authorities, whoever they might be in this case. Sadly I don't have all that info, but here's what I do know about this scumbag. He appears to be in Olavarra, Argentina, using Telefonica de Argentina (a.k.a. as his ISP, with an address in the 190.48.21.* range. So probably he's a dialup user, and having the full IP addy would be of limited use anyway, unless the ISP's willing to cooperate. He showed up here at 2:47:34 PM Pacific time, and his browser info string is "Firefox Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; es-AR; rv: Gecko/20061117 Ubuntu/breezy-security Firefox/". I bet the guy's using a bootable Ubuntu CD to avoid leaving cookies, cache files, etc. on the hd of the machine he's on. This suggests to me that he's afraid of getting caught. And he should be, if there's anything I can do about it. His exact search phrase was pretty bizarre: "zubr - tiny little ones child sex galleries!.url". Eeewww! It's hard to tell from that whether he's a native English speaker or not. I have this mental image of someone like that creepy JonBenet guy who popped up in Thailand, but it could also be a local who thinks he might have better luck searching in English. I'm mystified how this blog popped up given that search string, and there's no way in hell I'm going to try his search url to find out. Whatever it was he was looking for, I sure as hell don't want to find it. I'm just happy that nothing caught his interest here and the sicko didn't click on anything once he arrived. Good fucking riddance, and I sincerely hope all his other search hits were just as unhelpful.

And yes, I realize posting his search string might potentially reel in more guys like this slimeball. If they show up here, I'm posting their info too, guaranteed. The evil bastards.

Yechhh!!!! And I repeat: Yecchhh!!!!

Updated: I was right, I've gotten additional search hits for the same thing. The precise, identical search phrase, in fact, which is more than a little peculiar. One hit a few days ago from Voronezh, Russia, and earlier this morning another from Harlow, UK -- with the caveat that geographic info is whatever the browser reports, so that can obviously be faked. I was in a rush when the Voronezh hit came in and I didn't take down all the particulars, but here's what I've got on the perv in Harlow, as reported by his browser:
  • IP address: 86.8.111.# (NTL Internet) <-- NTL is a large ISP in the UK, so this doesn't tell us much.
  • Reported latitude/longitude: 51.7833, 0.1667
  • OS: Microsoft WinME
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 5.5 [Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows 98; Win 9x 4.90)]
  • Visitor's Time (GMT) : Feb 9 2007 1:22:37 pm
  • Resolution : 640 x 480
  • Color Depth : 1 bits

    It's the last bit that makes me wonder whether the browser info is faked. WinMe+IE5.5 wouldn't surprise me; given my low opinion of these morons, I think it stands to reason they'd happily use a "please-sign-me-up-for-your-botnet" OS & browser. But I doubt anyone looking for images would settle for 640x480 monochrome, unless they're on some sort of ancient laptop or something -- and I'm not sure one of those would run WinME.

    So anyway, this is the info I've got. If all of these hits are from one guy trying to conceal his identity, or possibly traveling around the world, I hope the proper authorities catch up with him. If the identical search string means there's a global ring of these sickos out there, I hope they catch all of them.
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