Monday, April 17, 2006

Today's imperiled charismatic megafauna

Please note that I'm trying valiantly to be "fair and balanced" here. We can shake our fists at the Bushies for the first two, since we all know how much they love greedy developers and big CO2 polluters. And come to think of it, they're probably not too fond of mermaids either.

But Georgie may be on the side of the angels on the remaining item. I'm confident he'd be staunchly opposed to turtle-based aphrodisiacs in any form. That is, unless there's money in it for a large pharmaceutical conglomerate.

Updated: Yet another article about overfishing. Let me go out on a limb and predict that the current overfishing of tuna, sharks, etc., will continue unabated until the fishieries collapse and there's no more money to be made. That's what always happens.

Here's the latest huge carnivorous dinosaur, newly discovered in Argentina. Oh, and they may have hunted in packs. Gaaaah!

Oh, and while I was checking for dinosaur news, I came across two good articles about Republicans (big surprise): "Conservatism is a mental disease" and "The Price We'll Pay for Countenancing Presidential Omnipotence".

And one final political item: A poster over on the SCOX board shared this cute "What, Dubya Worry?" video clip [MPEG]. It's supposed to be a morph effect, but I have to say the beginning and end pics look pretty much identical to me. But then, I'm way overdue for an optometrist checkup, so what do I know?


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