Monday, April 24, 2006


Recently I got a search engine hit from someone looking for the words "tevatron fried raccoon". Which is an intriguing combination, you have to admit, especially when said visitor is coming from a certain Geneva-based high-energy physics center which will remain nameless. I have to wonder what sparked that search. Perhaps there've been wildlife incidents at Fermilab, either funny or tragic, depending on whether you're the raccoon or not. Or perhaps someone's trying to dig up dirt on their Illinois-based rivals so they can talk trash at the next conference. Possibly it's all a cultural misunderstanding of some kind.

Or maybe someone's looking for recipes. If that's the case, I'm afraid I don't have any handy. I imagine that if you want to deep-fry something, the simplest approach would be to fill your local accelerator's beam dump with peanut oil instead of water, and then proceed more or less as you would with a regular deep fryer. And serve with lots and lots of alcohol. But a word of caution: Some years ago when I lived in the Deep South, I knew a guy who'd tried raccoon and was willing to admit it. He told me that raccoon tastes the way a wet dog smells. Which to me sounds rather unappetizing. You can blast it with all the relativistic particles you want, and it's still not going to taste any better.

On a less exotic note, I've also got another batch of (mostly) referrer pages, primarily from people Blogspot happened to randomly send my way via the magic "Next Blog" button. As usual, the ones I especially liked are in bold.


Michael Faris said...

Thanks for the link to my blog. I've enjoyed reading around yours and reading your thoughts.

Blog-na said...

Thanks for linking to mine as well

It should be noted that our blog is written by three people using the same account (i wrote the hockey article)

-EndIF Kris

Anonymous said...

glad that you are enjoying my blog...peace!