Friday, December 23, 2022

Path of Bliss

Next up we have another -- yes, another -- street mural at an intersection in inner SE Portland. This one's at SE 19th & Clinton St., and I had no idea it existed until I stumbled across it literally yesterday. (To clarify, for fellow pedants: Encountering it for the first time yesterday is literal; the part about stumbling is strictly figurative.). This one is supposed be sort of a mandala design, and the intersection where it's located is right outside the New Day School, an alternative grade school based on the ideas of P.R. Sarkar, 20th century Indian philosopher.

I think I missed this one until now because it was first painted in 2017 (per this blog post), after I had finished most of the street mural posts here and moved on to other things. It was repainted in June 2019, the summer before COVID-19 arrived. Street murals going un-repainted since then seems to be very common, whether out of an abundance of residual caution, or lack of volunteers, or maybe people are just tired of performing civility and pretending to like their neighbors. Who knows.

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