Saturday, December 31, 2022

Miami, Summer 2018

For anyone who's tired of all the cold and gloom this time of year, here are some warm summery photos I took in Miami back in 2018. I was in Florida for the launch of the Parker Solar Probe, and had (wisely, as it turned out) built a few extra days into my travel plans in case of launch delays. Ultimately the launch only slipped by a day and then went off without a hitch, so I had a couple of days to burn before flying home. I decided to head south since I'd never been there before, and did a little sightseeing. So this set of photos is from Miami itself, as in the mainland, actual city part. I did wander over to Miami Beach one day, and took another day to go see the Everglades, but those are separate posts I haven't posted yet. Some of these are from walking around (albeit not very far, because heat & humidity), with a few swanky hotel balcony photos mixed in. Overall it was a fun side trip, though I can't say I have any unique or intersting insights to share about the place. So, er, enjoy the photos.

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