Wednesday, January 28, 2015

SE 9th & Stark mural

The next mural on the tour is another Forest for the Trees one, a geometric design created by Brazilian artist Marcelo Macedo for the festival's 2013 edition. This one was hard to find; it's down a sorta-alley on SE Stark between 9th & 10th, next to a sketchy Multnomah County corrections building. The alley's blocked off by a chain link fence, and you can't see a lot of the mural due to various things parked in front of it. A photo of it at the site for Honolulu's similar Pow Wow Hawaii festival provides a better look at it than my photos do, if you're curious. The fact that I couldn't see an artsy mural because there was a defunct food cart blocking it sounds like a lame joke from the #PortlandProblems hashtag, but seriously, this is exactly what happened.

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