Thursday, January 01, 2015

Ochoco St. Bridge

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The next installment in the ongoing bridge project is yet another really obscure one. SE Ochoco St. runs right along the Sellwood-Milwaukie border, and it crosses Johnson Creek on the little bridge you see here. This isn't something that I would normally care about, but it got a mention in the state's 2013 historic bridge inventory, so I figured it might be worth a quick peek. Here's what they had to say about it:

Bridge Number  25B58
Year Built1947
Location:Near 21st Street in southeast Portland
Lat/Long:45 27 31, -122 38 31
Description:One 40-ft reinforced concrete rigid frame span
Designer:Geary Kimbrell for Portland City Engineer Ben S. Morrow
Builder:Johnson-Sterner Corporation
Significance:This bridge is significant as an intact example of a slabtype rigid frame structure, which is a rare type in Oregon. Designed by the city, it improved access to the Kellogg Park Housing Project, which had housed soldiers during WWII. As is common with Portland structures, the bridge features an unusual railing that adds to the appeal of the visually simple structure.
Character Defining Features:Decorative railing, Structure type

The only other photos I've found of this little bridge are in a big Word document full of photos of the area, focusing on the grounds of the giant Oregon Liquor Control Commission warehouse just east & south of here. Apparently they were involved in a late 1990s watershed restoration project for the bit of Johnson Creek that fronts on their property. I suppose pasting images into a Word document was the convenient way to share photos back then. Truly, it was a dark and primitive time.

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