Sunday, December 08, 2013

Shared Vision

The next stop on our tour of MAX Green Line art is Shared Vision, at the SE Holgate MAX station. TriMet's description:

Lanterns are popular festival decorations associated with gaiety and rejoicing, and are reminders of the security of a light in the window. By using light as a metaphor for expanded awareness, Suzanne Lee's Shared Vision represents prosperity as the richness of positive social interaction and communication—the very essence of neighborhood.

Another TriMet page elaborates a bit:

Five ornate lanterns developed by Suzanne Lee are the central elements of this multicultural sculpture. Sited above the station platform, the illuminated sculpture appears like a beacon at night.

I haven't found a lot of info to pass along about this one. has a better photo of it, and OregonLive has an interesting close up construction photo, showing a level of detail that ordinary MAX passengers probably can't see.

One other item, unfortunate in light of all this talk about security and positive social interaction. Two people were shot at the Holgate MAX station in October 2013, one fatally. A few days ago, a grand jury concluded the suspect had acted in self defense, and declined to indict him.

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