Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I had a semi-arbitrary goal this year of doing about as many blog posts this year as last year, and definitely no fewer.  Last year's number was 186, and I'm at 185 now, so I figured I'd jot down a quick post on my phone just to get that sorta-milestone out of the way.  I feel sorta-relieved already.

I think the rationale behind a post target is that I'd probably slack off otherwise and let a bunch of drafts languish around for months or years on end. Which has happened before.  It's probably the some-assembly-required nature of this thing, unlike Tumblr, say.  I have a few Tumblr blogs & recently realized I already have more posts on several of them than I've done here in almost 8 years. That's an apples and oranges comparison though.  I can post NASA photos or cheesy movie trailers to Tumblr all day and it doesn't feel like work. For those I generally don't even need to google anything, or search newspaper databases, or make a trip to go take photos.  I'm not complaining, mind you. I find it a rewarding hobby, and I like to think the end result is a reasonably high quality "product".  I just sometimes wish it could be a little easier, but without cutting any corners.  If this was a business, I might be inclined to advertise for a research assistant or a staff photographer or a personal assistant of some sort. But that's actually the fun part, and I'd soon find myself missing the old hands-on days when I did my own blog posts.  In short, don't expect to see any "Staff Writer" bylines here anytime soon.

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