Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cleveland Union Terminal Viaduct

Cleveland Union Terminal Viaduct
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During my weekend trip to Cleveland last year, my hotel was out near the airport, as the main event I'd come for was nearby. I had a free day, so I decided to go downtown and play tourist, and everyone I talked to advised me to ride the RTA Red Line (aka "The Rapid") into town instead of driving. I prefer transit over driving anyway, and being in an unfamiliar city with a chance of snow in the forecast made this an easy decision. So I parked at the Brookpark RTA station, took the train in, got off at the underground Terminal Tower station, and wandered around taking various photos you've seen here already. Just before entering downtown Cleveland, the Red Line crosses the Cuyahoga River on the Cleveland Union Terminal Viaduct, and I ended up with a few photos of said viaduct on my way in and while I was walking around, so yet another bridge blog post was in order. Unfortunately it didn't occur to me at the time that I'd be doing a post about this particular bridge, so the photos aren't that stellar. A few were taken while crossing the bridge, so they're blurry and don't show a lot, and I later realized I had a couple of other photos with the bridge in the background, lurking behind the Flats Industrial Railroad Bridge.

Flats Industrial Railroad Bridge

I really haven't been able to dig up a lot of info about this bridge, for some reason. Which is a shame since this post doesn't really succeed on the strength of its photos alone. So here's what I've got:

Cleveland Union Terminal Viaduct Ship & Bridges, Cleveland OH Cleveland Union Terminal Viaduct

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