Friday, August 19, 2011

shadows of rustling leaves

If you follow this humble blog semi-regularly for whatever reason, you already know I can get a bit wound up over interesting shadows & reflections. Here's today's edition: Shadows of the morning sun shining through rustling leaves. This probably ought to have a soundtrack - either of the rustling leaves themselves, or some spacey New Agey type music possibly.

This was one of the easier blog posts to create. It was basically wake up, roll over, grab phone, film interesting shadows. Ok, then Bluetooth to laptop, upload to YouTube, copy & paste embed code to Blogger, and write the text you're reading now. Still, not terribly complicated. If I'd gone anywhere at all as part of creating this I'd put the word "expedition" in the title for the sheer irony value, but I can't even do that this time. So, well, enjoy...

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