Saturday, August 13, 2011

from the archives: digital photo #1

first photo w/ digital camera, november 2005

Was looking through old photos last night and thought, hey, I know, I'll post the boring first digital photo from my first digital camera. And then explain that it's merely the first surviving digital photo, since Canon's instructions said to take a photo and then delete it so you learn how. Which was a useless exercise, in retrospect, since I pretty much never delete photos. So the original original photo, now lost to posterity, was an amateurish unboxing photo taken inside the long-vanished BJ's brewpub near Lloyd Center.

Meanwhile the photo you see here shows a cold, rainy November day at the 7th Avenue MAX stop. Little did I know how many photos of cold, rainy weather I'd be taking in the coming years. Speaking of which, right now it's a cold, potentially rainy day in August, which is just wrong.

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