Friday, February 19, 2010

spring, 2010 edition, again

flowers, february 2010

You know how, a couple of posts ago, I made skeptical noises about a certain tree probably not blooming for months and months yet? I neglected to mention that photo was from about a month ago; here are two from today, and voila. Flowers. For this, I blame El Niño, and Exxon, and people who drive SUVs, and people who drive Priuses but own 6500 square foot "sustainable" houses, and flatulent cows, and talk radio, and flatulent sheep, and giant Japanese salmanders (just on principle), and various minor celebrities, and SUVs again, and coal, and both paper and plastic bags, and flatulent celebrities, and oil sheiks, and the sun, and the moon, and SUVs. So, uh, thanks for all the hard work, I guess.

flowers, february 2010

If the photos look noisy, it's because the camera was on ISO 3000, which was a really huge ISO number back when the Canon 40D came out. I'd like to say this was a deliberate choice to cut motion blur, since it was really windy this morning and the high ISO seems to have helped. But I'd simply had it on 3000 from the last time I was using the camera. I'm still remembering how this "doing stuff other than working & sleeping" thing is supposed to work, so please bear with me.

Thx. Mgmt.

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