Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wistaria & 41st

NE Wistaria & 41st

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So here's another whistlestop on the Great Alameda Photo Freakout of '09, this time the landscaped nano-parklet at NE 41st & Wistaria. Ok, "whistlestop" is an exaggeration, since I didn't actually stop As with the others, I just sort of rolled by and snapped a handful of photos as best I could. Sure, I could've taken better photos, but I would have had to take the other hand off the steering wheel and probably run over some pedestrians or something, which I'm generally opposed to, unless maybe it was Pat Robertson, and I was driving a rental car. And even then it would be a bad idea; I've heard that car rental companies really ding you for body damage caused by caustic demon guts.

So I've only got two photos this time, and basically no material to go along with them. I kind of figured there's be no material at all, actually. But it turns out that during last December's mini-snowpocalypse, a brave passerby shot some video of cars and buses struggling to get up the hill. The angle's a little different than mine and it's hard to place where the viewer who filmed this was standing. Still, I figured I'd pass it along, because watching Portlanders try to drive in snow is always good for a laugh.

Of course the classic of the genre is still "Snow Driving Fail", from the big snowstorm in January '07. It's kinda like air hockey, but on a hill, with SUVs. Hee-larious. Unless you're an insurance company, I guess.

NE Wistaria & 41st

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