Monday, January 25, 2010

"the name says it all"

"the name says it all"

Seen, and giggled at like a 13 year old, while walking thru the Excalibur in Las Vegas. I'm sure it's a serious and useful product and all. But still.

"the name says it all"

Updated: These photos were taken in September 2009. We were in Vegas again in September 2010, and we happened to pass through the Excalibur again, and were astonished to see almost exactly the same scene. There was only one person toting the pictured serious and useful product this time, and I think she was heading the opposite direction, but I could be wrong. Way too surprised to take photos this time, unfortunately.

By far the most convincing theory is that there's a cleaning product or similar convention in town, held at the same time every year and at the same hotel, attended by largely the same people. In fact, it's probably the SuperZoo pet retail convention, held at the Mandalay Bay, two casinos south of here.

The second most plausible theory is that people are always toting this sort of thing around the Excalibur and you'll see this no matter what time of year you visit. If you've ever wandered through the Excalibur, you'll quickly realize this can't be ruled out.

Third most likely? A courier or smuggler of some sort: You see these boxes and think they're full of an icky heavy-duty solvent and steer clear, but they're actually full of $100 bills, or casino chips, or something white and Colombian, perhaps. It's probably best not to anger whoever's behind this, so we won't pursue this line of inquiry any further.

Option #4: Ghosts. I don't actually believe in ghosts or anything, but I can see a good ghost story here. Someone was very naughty at the annual convention some decades back and met an untimely demise here, and now they're condemned to ride back and forth, back and forth, forever dragging a big heavy embarrassing box of pee cleaner for the world to see and giggle at -- the Flying Dutchman of moving sidewalks, the Jacob Marley of regional sales managers. Because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... for all eternity!!! Mwhahahaha!!!

On the other hand, it's possible I have a somewhat overactive imagination.

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