Wednesday, November 25, 2009

SF: Bay Bridge

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A couple of mediocre photos of the Bay Bridge, which I wouldn't bother posting if I had any others to share. But I don't, unless you count some ancient film ones I haven't gotten around to scanning. Seriously, I really did only take these two photos you see here. But in my defense, when I took these I'd only had the new DSLR for a week or two and didn't have the hang of it yet, and I hadn't clued in that you can take a ginormous raft of photos without running out of space or juice. Although I've found that having too many photos can be a real problem too.

The Wikipedia article linked to above informs us that the bridge is officially called "The James 'Sunny Jim' Rolph Bridge". Huh. Can't imagine why that name never caught on.
The Bay Bridge

Another thing I didn't realize is that there's currently no pedestrian or bike access across the bridge, although there's an ongoing discussion about maybe someday fixing that. In general, it wouldn't be very feasible to do the equivalent of my ongoing bridge project in the Bay Area. You can walk across the Golden Gate and Dumbarton bridges, and it's strictly forbidden to walk or bike the San Mateo or Richmond-San Rafael bridges, or the old abandoned Dumbarton railroad bridge for that matter. According to this page a couple more bridges in outlying areas are accessible too, but the general rule across the Bay Area is "Motorized Vehicles Only". Which is rather surprising and disappointing. Oh well.

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