Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Next Blog

Here's the latest batch of random blogs, mostly the referrer pages of people who ended up here, with a few choice "Next Blog" hits of my own added in. This time I've attempted to categorize things a little, sort of. And as usual, the ones I felt were especially worthwhile are in bold.

But first, here are two more Random Blog buttons I came across:
Next Blog for WordPress.
Phil Ringnalda's RandomFreshBlog for

Also, before we get started, the Wikipedia article on Graph Theory may be worth a read. Technorati says my indegree is up to a semi-whopping 4 now, the latest from a weird site about JelloTM recipes, of all things. This blog's also gotten a mention here, where it/I am described as "cyclotram who regularly writes about NOLA from Portland, OR.". Well, regularly may be pushing it a little, I think. But I feel honored anyone thinks my humble efforts are at all helpful towards rebuilding the city.

And now, on with our feature presentation:

Personal BlogsPoliticsMisc
  • Random Drift. About cats, with lots of cute photos. And the "fav blogs" column has links to even more blogs about cats. Awwwwwwww....
  • J'ai Faim, a new food blog with some delicious-sounding recipes. The top item right now is a recipe for Twice Baked Potatoes with Gorgonzola and Rosemary. I admit to certain biases here. You could probably talk me into eating a bucket of rusty nails, so long as it came with enough gorgonzola. (Mmm... Cheesy rusty nails...) And I'm confident that potatoes in any form would be even better.
  • Fast food poisoning blogs. New as of 5/19, not much there yet. But I do like the title, anyway.
  • Stone Channel Showroom & Warehouse, an architectural stone dealer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, showcasing samples of the various types of stone they sell. For some reason I really like this blog. Maybe it's all the abstract-looking stone samples against a black background. I'm not sure.
  • 35 Days in Europe, a travel blog, as you might've guessed from the name.
  • Studies and Opportunities Abroad for Eastern Europe
  • OCASIÃO - Imóveis. Another blog from Portugal, this one about commercial real estate or architecture (I think). Lots of photos.
  • Pics and Docs
  • The Great Below. I don't entirely follow what this is about, but the top post at the moment concerns the number 666, so this one's getting the boldface treatment.
  • Prabhupada Letters : Anthology
  • Deutsch A1i. From Colombia. Mostly in German. Clearly, I'm missing something here.
  • Playing Online Poker, in Russian (I think).
  • ramas y raices, a bit of genealogy from Argentina.
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