Friday, May 19, 2006

Lovejoy Fountain

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Three views of the Lovejoy Fountain, in downtown Portland.

[Updated 9/06: 3 more photos, plus one of a bumblebee in one of the plaza's many concrete planters.]

Updated 8/25/09: I added a Google map (above) so you can see what the fountain looks like from space. If you're more interested in where it's at than what it looks like, you can always click the zoom-out thingy (i.e. the minus-sign button) a couple of times.

steps, lovejoy fountain plaza

Some other good pages about the fountain:

  • A piece by Walt Lockley, mostly about the much better-known Ira Keller Fountain, which he prefers.
  • The city parks department has a page about all the fountains it manages.
  • CLIP, the Contemporary Landscape Inquiry Project, at the U. of Toronto.
  • A student project at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.
  • The abstract of a paper presented at the 2005 conference of the Social Science History Association (whoever they are). The article mentions in passing that the fountain was a big hangout for hippies back in the 60's. Hmm. That's the first I've heard about that, but it really wouldn't surprise me.
    Incidentally, you often see the area referred to as "Lovejoy Square", and it turns out this is incorrect. The official name is Lovejoy Fountain Plaza, and the actual Lovejoy Square is a retail development in the Pearl District, way on the other side of downtown. So now we all know better. Yay!
    My rather extensive Flickr photoset of the fountain is here. Enjoy...
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