Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Generic Followup

The title of this post is a very, very poor title, according to an article I came across on how to crack the blogging "A-list". And, I mean, who wouldn't aspire to that?) Also, I need to use lots of graphics, and generally try to make people believe (rightly or wrongly) that they know and like me. Hmm. I'll take that under advisement, I guess.

But I do like graphics. Here's a French bulldog puppy for ya. Everybody and their sister loves puppies, right? See, I can pander shamelessly with the best of 'em, if I need to. If the puppies don't reel 'em in, I can always try bunnies. Evwybody wuvs bunnies!

Although (and this is the followup I mentioned) I have discovered a surefire way of my own of generating at least one or two guaranteed hits. And now I'm going to let you in on it, absolutely free. Just be sure to use the phrase pretrib rapture somewhere in your post, and bingo! The previous post's already gotten two search engine hits, and I'm guessing the first was probably the same person who left the earlier note about that "Diehards" article. Oh, goodness me, I've gone and used the phrase "pretrib rapture" again, so I'm guessing this post will pull in a hit or two as well. Hello, again!

As a followup to an earlier post of mine, but kind of still on the topic of luring unwitting visitors to this dark and remote corner of the web, I took a peek at Technorati to see if I show up there at all. Just out of idle curiosity, mind you. The answer is of course "no", and the only hit for the word "Cyclotram" is a movie review of Unknown World. Like most reviewers, he got bored and rated it a 2 out of 5. Am I the only person on the whole freakin' planet who likes this movie?

Then I decided to google for "cyclotram". Again, purely out of idle curiosity, you understand, not because I'm wallowing in vanity and neediness or anything. Lo and behold, at the moment this very blog sits squarely atop the heap. Followed closely by the FeedBurner RSS feed I set up a while back, which is odd since I'm not aware that anyone's actually using the thing, other than the occasional hit from Yahoo's blogsearch bot. But hey, at least I can say I'm down with the whole groovy RSS thing, which is about as close as I've ever gotten to being trendy. Next, after lil' ol' me, comes the movie's page in Amazon's DVD section.

Hey, whaddya know, I also show up on something called BlogShares, which claims to be some sort of fantasy blog stock market. Whatever the hell that is.

I guess I'd better get busy spending all that fantasy IPO cash I didn't realize I had, and start making brainless bizdev deals with other little-known blogs, and then post about it here, thereby driving my stock up even further. It's a new economy!!! To the moon!!!


Mark said...

I don't want you feeling alone in the void, so I thought I'd say hello.

I'm actually glad that you enjoy Unknown World as much as you do. Even though I found it rather dull, I know people love these movies for different reasons. I am constantly criticized for giving lame films too much praise. I admire you for stating such a contrary opinion to a film that obviously left an impression on you.

I found your blog through Technorati, by the way. A nice little blog tool.

Thanks for linking to my review!

Exclamation Mark

PS That's an ugly-ass dog. Should have gone with the bunny.

atul666 said...

The search that pointed me at your review of Unknown World ended up motivating me to figure out how Technorati works, so I guess thanks are in order on that count.

Also, I enjoyed your review of The Black Scorpion. The stop motion work is really the only reason to see the thing, but the same can be said of a lot of so-called "bad" movies out there. As far as I know, it's the definitive scorpions-vs-helicopters film.

My personal favorite stop motion monster movie is still The Valley of Gwangi. Scorpions-vs-helicopters is great and all, but cowboys-vs-dinosaurs is just.... sublime. Or something.

Anyway, I added your blog to my Links column. Thanks for the comment!