Tuesday, December 20, 2005


The hardest bit about setting up one of these is finding a decent name that isn't taken already. Would you believe "kalungo" is taken? And "gadroon"? I mean, ""gadroon"? And when you go to Gadroon, there's exactly one brief post from way back in May, which merely tells you what a gadroon is. So go visit, if you're curious about gadroons. Or not. Whatever. Oh, and that sole post has garnered exactly one comment, which appears to be from a spammer.

And since I'm complaining anyway, it's too cold outside, and the president is *still* a drooling idiot.

BTW, a Cyclotram is a super-cool vehicle for boring deep into the Earth, from the little-known 1951 film Unknown World. If I can find a picture, I'll post one, but there don't seem to be many out there. Imagine a mutant cross between an early 50's Packard and a cordless drill. With perhaps with a few Dustbuster genes mixed in as well. It has a drill in the front, and tail fins in back, and I want one for Christmas, please. The movie itself is overlooked, underrated, and deeply misunderstood. Sooner or later I'll get around to explaining why.

Updated: See here for why. As for why I picked the name, and started this humble blog at all for that matter, let's just say there were multiple beers involved in the creative process.