Friday, December 23, 2005

Cyclotram redux, and a cute wombat

Ok, I found a picture of a real live Cyclotram. They just don't make lurid movie posters like they used to. Never mind that it's about the least lurid movie I've seen in a long time, but hey. Whatever gets 'em into the theater, I guess.

The top Google hit for "Cyclotram" actually brings up a picture in a gallery from the Czech tourist bureau, showing a tram and a bunch of cyclists. Which is kind of cool, because a.) I often commute to work on our local Czech-built streetcar, and b.) It's bound to displease the few people out there who still live in fear of Communist Czechoslovakia [pdf]. Perhaps you know of whom I speak.

Also, from the Department of Charismatic Megafauna, here's a cute wombat. And even better, the image links to the WOMBAT project at UC Berkeley, a study of the cosmic microwave background. So it's sort of a wombat with a purpose, I guess.

Speaking of UC Berkeley, didja notice that they -- and thus the Regents of the University of California -- just beat BYU (Darl McBride's alma mater) in the "Las Vegas Bowl"? I have to thank Darl for drawing my attention to this game, since I usually ignore football, and I especially ignore minor bowl games. But during SCO's quarterly conference call yesterday, Darl wanted to make a bet with one caller on the outcome of the game. Seriously. I think this was probably what spelled doom for BYU. The universe abhors all things SCO, and the BYU football team ended up as "collateral damage" of a sort. No word on whether we'll ever hear Darl sing the BYU fight song he was talking about yesterday, but we're probably better off if it never happens.

And what is football without beer? It seems that the guy who invented lite beer just passed away. Make of this what you will.

In other unrelated randomness, this GWB game is oddly hilarious, although playing it will probably get you into the federal database of evildoers.

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