Sunday, November 20, 2016

Avalon Sanctuary

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The next sorta-park we're visiting is on SE 19th Ave. where it dead ends just south of SE Division. The city acquired the land for the street back in 1909 but never quite got around to completing it, so it just sort of sat vacant for a century or so. The local neighborhood association got the idea that it might be a good place for a small park, so they worked things out with the city and "Avalon Sanctuary" was born. The name sounds like some sort of crystals-and-dolphins thing, and it's certainly the sort of neighborhood where that might happen, but it turns out this bit of 19th Ave. was originally called Avalon St. until the Great Street Renaming of 1933. The renaming fixed the previous bizarre and chaotic address system, and created a lot of temporary jobs in the middle of the Depression, but we did lose a few pleasant street names in the process.

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