Friday, September 30, 2016

september keepalive

Oof, I just realized I haven't posted anything this month, and (as we've discussed) posting nothing for an entire calendar month would be bad. I honestly thought I'd posted one or two things around the beginning of the month, but apparently I was thinking of the end of August. I suppose I could hurry and whip something into shape in the next few hours, but it's a Friday evening with cocktails and I just don't feel like stressing over it right now. As of tomorrow there will still be 3 months left in the year, so "draft folder zero" is still technically possible by New Years. At the moment I wouldn't bet a lot of money on it though. Which reminds me, there's a second backlog of recent photos that haven't even become draft posts yet. Oof. Maybe I ought to wrap this thing up before it gets discouraging...

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